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Why choosing Gararage & Gardens?

Free valuation

Get a free valuation of your garage or garden today! Follow these easy steps
1. Send us your address
2. We will do an initial online search of your area
3. Our experts will come and have a look at your garage or garden, measure it and make you an offer within 48 hours

Free Planning Application

The fee for submitting a planning application varies depending on the nature of the development. Garage & Gardens will handle and pay for the whole PLANNING APPLICATION process, so you can relax.

Hassle free!

There is no need for you to struggle with architects, builders, structural engineers, neighbors, party wall engineers mechanic engineers, solicitors, the council and the builder inspector. We’ll deal with them!

Fast Payment

We can buy without Planning Permission and YOU can receive the payment for your garage or garden in just 2-3 weeks!

No selling commission

Why spending money in Estate Agency Fees? We’ll buy directly from you.Try Garage and Gardens today and get your free valuation!

Your interest is our interest

We always reach a a win – win situation! You will get the highest price for your garage or garden and we will get the best development project from it.

Get your free valuation with Garage and Gardens

Client's Testimonials

Hassle free sale of my garage

I was facing a difficult financial situation and was thinking about selling my house. That was going to be my last option and a difficult step because I didn’t know how long that could take and what king of property could I buy with the money left. I came across Garage and Gardens thanks to a leaflet they left in my Garage. I contacted them and received an offer that was much higher that what I expected. I sold my garage without having to sell my property and got some extra money!

Fast service!

Many thanks to Antonio from Garage & Gardens for buying our garage. After losing more than 4 months with a so-called "cash buyer", we met Garage and Gardens and within 11 days (4 days fast searches) we had already exchanged the property. In 6 more days we made completion! They also got rid of the sit-in tenant in less than a week. We'd also like to thank Antonio for the advice he has given us for purchasing of our new flat. He knows our area very well!

Roberto and Ottilia
£22.500 for 168 sq ft of rear garden I didn't know I owned!

A member of Garage and Gardens nock my door asking if I had ever thought of selling my garden. I own the second floor flat in a 4 level victorian building and I thought:" this guy is crazy!!!" He show me the Land Registry documents and explained to me his idea: I didn't know I owned 1/4 of the share rear garden as well! At the beginning I thought it impossible to get the other 3 neighbours to agree to sell, but there was nothing to lose by trying. It took 1 month for Garage & Gardens to find the 4th owner, who lives in Australia, but in the end we all agreed to sell it. We decided to get the money fast so we sold it without Planning Permission. The total rear garden was only 670 sq ft and Garage and Gardens paid us £90,000.00 It was an unexpected and great experience!

Amazing deal!

Dealing with the team of Garage and Garage was easy and fast! We received a very good offer and a fast cash payment. The property had already planning permission for two levels buy they where able to get a new planning permission for four levels! Their architects are the best I've met! I will love to work with them for the Planning Permission of my next commercial unit and sell the project together.

Kept half of the garden and got an amazing payment for the other half!

My wife and I bought a house with a really big garden. We only have one kid and have no pets so we really didn’t needed all that space. Besides, it was a hassle to maintain. I was contacted by Garage and Gardens so I thought it would be great to have some money to pay a part of the mortgage. My wife was a bit skeptical in the beginning but we both liked the offer we received and where able to keep half of the garden, pay a part of the mortgage and save some money as well!

Teo and Agnieska
My area improved thanks to Garage and Gardens

My neighbour owned a garage that was used years ago as commercial property. I was right behind my property and was in very bad condition. I knew that he was facing some financial problems and I heard about Garage and Gardens so I suggested him to try getting a quote and see if it worked for him. The garage was sold in no time! Currently there is a very nice residential property instead of that old garage. That certainly helped the look of my area!

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