# We buy Garages & Gardens!

Garage & Gardens F.A.Q.

How long will planning permission take? q

Our architects will design a project in approximately two weeks and send the application to the council, which gives an answer within 8 weeks.

What happens if planning permission is not approved? q

You don’t have anything to loose. If planning permission is not approved you will keep your property and we would have paid for the whole process.

What happens if planning permission is approved?q

Garage and Gardens will quickly pay you the agreed price.

Why can Garage and Gardens offer me the best price?q

Because we see your garage or garden as a development project.

Is it possible to sell my garage or garden without planning permission?q

Yes, Garage and Gardens can also buy without planning permission.

Can I sell just part of my garden without having to sell the whole garden?q

If you have a big garden we can buy just a part of it.

Why does Garage and Gardens want to buy my garage or garden?q

We see your garage or garden as a development opportunity that will embellish the area.

Why should I sell my garage or garden?q

You can get a very good profit from the part of your property that you don’t use and with Garage and Gardens you will get the best price for it!

Why shouldn’t I do it myself?q

You can get the best payment for your garage or garden without having to pay and deal with architects, builders, structural engineers, neighbors, party wall engineers mechanic engineers, solicitors, the council and the builder inspector. We’ll deal with them!